What a girl wants

Because I am like a girl like no other, here’s what I really, really want right now. Even though I've run out of space in my bloody cabinet. If you 've been to my house, you'd know...sheesh.

  1. Rufus Wainwright – Release the Stars (Deluxe Edition CD+DVD). I want the deluxe edition of this album! Only because I think that he is a genius and that he has been underrated for too bloody long…To beings of higher power who organize the annual Mosaic Music Festival 2008, can you bring in this great artist? Please?!

  2. Travis - The Boy With No Name. So this album received mixed reviews, so what? It’s Fran Healy can still slow rock my world :o)

  3. Kings of Leon - Because Of The Times. This is a surprise choice because I wasn’t too fond of their earlier releases Aha Shake Heartbreak and Youth and Young Manhood. Southern rock and I, we have a tenuous relationship. But I kind of like this album whose standout tracks include Charmer and On Call.

  4. White Stripes - Icky Thump (Release date: 25 June). One of the most versatile singer/songwriters around, it looks like he can do no wrong. Well, I certainly hope so.

  5. Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (Release date: 11 June). Cold Roses and Gold are two of my all-time favorite albums (much to the disdain of the very atas Uncle Lim). There’s something about his lyrics that resonate with me and man, the albums just grow on you the longer you play them.

  6. The Bravery – The Sun & The Moon (Release date: 21 May). The New York group’s self-titled debut contained catchy hooks, shouty lyrics and music that just make you want to stand up and jump around… What’s there not to like? One just hopes that they retain those crazy sensibilities in this sophomore release.

Maybe I should just quit my job and go into music full-time. I need a distraction! Work is alright but somehow there is less fulfillment at the moment. Hmmm. Probably a re-think is good. And no, the ears are only for comedic value, if nothing else.

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Shadows said...

'Avalance' is my fave Ryan Adams song. what's yours?

Shadows said...

Avalanche i mean. =)

Bitchy Witchy said...

I've torn between, Tonight and Sweet Illusions :o)

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