Baby, did you forget to take your meds?

Apparently, I was too medicated over the last two days because I just discovered that:

  • Wishing for things could be dangerous. (1) On Sunday I wished that I could lose weight and *ting* almost immediately got struck by a stomach virus that got me laid up in bed and running to the loo at odd intervals (or when I attempt to eat anything). It's straight out of a Stephan King novel, I swear...(2) Yesterday I was thinking about a friend and he sends me a message almost right after the thought...shite maybe I should wish for other things and see if they show up on my doorstep...or wear foil on my head.

  • A good friend got married - Is everyone's getting married now or what? WTF is going on??!! Next time, give some warning, can? A girl needs to save money for these things...haiz. But congrats, Jem & Val!!! :o)

  • My very first strand of white hair - which put me in an absolute tizz, complete with Kermit-like flailing arms and "aarrrgghhhh!!!" Great. It's like a double promotion...from girl straight to hag. Women have no luck whatever. Fark.

I'm suffering from information overload. It's the first day back at work from the virus attack. everything's out of whack....somebody sssaaavvveeee meeeee!!!

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