Spinning around

Thanks to the ever resourceful Marco, we signed up for Alicia’s Turns 2 class, which had us dizzy and nauseous 30mins in.

By the second progressions exercise and the damn pique into the
passé…we were wondering what the !@#$ compelled us to sign up. Was it being able to execute the turns during salsa, do we want to be ballerinas or do we just love to torture our silly selves? Methinks it’s a toss-up between number one and three. If either one of us decided to go into ballet, I'd die laughing. Just looking at ourselves doing barre work is enough to send us both into sniggers.

The good news is that we are getting better at spotting and doing single pirouettes. Many thanks, Adeline! The not-so-good news is that we now had to struggle through the double chaînés and learn more techniques for the jazz turns.

At the end of the class, we didn’t know whether to pass out, fall down or throw up first.

Tip for anyone who’s thinking of signing up for the Turns classes at LADC: If you have to eat, have something really light before you go, because your stomach will not have the capability to handle food for at least one hour after the class :o)

So, what's the difference between the classes? Where Turns 1 was getting the basics right, Turns 2 is more about perfecting technique and being able maintain your posture while holding all the core muscles in during the execution of multiple turns. Sounds easy, right? Wait till you try it.

What I really loved about the class though, is that Alicia’s a great teacher. She’s patient and is able point out where we went wrong to effectively correct our turns. I haven’t taken her classes in really long time and, slowly but surely, my muscles are remembering what it’s like to be challenged.

If jelly legs, aching shoulders and a scrambled brain are anything to go by, I think classes the next few weeks will be interesting.

Now, let’s see how well I roll out of bed tomorrow. Oh joy!

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