Where have all the cowboys gone?

Being hungover is probably not the best time to blog but then again, there never seems to be enough time these days. Ah well…

The battle of the sexes is coming apart at the seams – it used to be that women fought for their right to be on par with their male counterparts in work, school and even in bed. Today, it is the men, fighting to bring out their more ‘sensitive’ side. I use the word sensitive really broadly here for lack of an appropriate word as guys these days are simply, damn weird.

One of the most annoying being guys who carry their girlfriends’ purses. Girls, it’s cruel to make your man carry your silly purses! Guys, being whipped is not a sign of macho ness – snap out of it! It’s one thing to be ball busting but another thing entirely to hand over your balls on a platter…

Then there are the ones who obsess over their ex-es endless – why this, why that, coulda, woulda, shoulda, whatever – Move on. It’s cruel to say this but in all likelihood, the woman is not even thinking about you.

But the one that takes the cake is definitely the pseudo health nuts. This seems to be a trend that even my office interns are adopting. While exercise and watching your weight should be a necessary part of everyone’s lives, its grating to hear the guys constantly obsess over their weight.

Lately, I’m hearing more and more of “I’m getting fat”, “I need to go to the gym”, “I put on soo much weight while working here”…the list goes on and on – sounds like girls whining, right? Wrong. It gets even more exciting during lunch where no one can make a decision of where to eat and when some bright spark suggests KFC, the guys all cry out “but it’s so fattening!”

I never wanted to open a can of whoop-ass so badly.

While I appreciate that guys in general are now taking better care of themselves, their weight obsession, increased vanity and gym addiction are enough to drive any normal woman insane. Whatever happened to going out and playing sports? Did the macho men die out when women started turning to their gay friends for health and beauty advice? Did the aliens come and take over?

So yeah, guys started dressing better and taking care of their health too but becoming like a woman in the process is far from attractive. It’s fucking weird and wrong…

Maybe all the cowboys went to Brokeback Mountain and just decided to stay there. We’re so screwed.

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