Paperback writer

Which is yet another career option if the whole PR holoobaloo falls through. Gosh knows I've got enough stored angst to write a novella of sorts ;P

I came across this little nugget while doing media monitoring this's also the reason why I love quirky white boys, like
Jason Mraz: "As I get older, the more I truly enjoy being single. The more I'm single, the more I blog about it." And it's like - hey, that's whay I blog too! Well...that's part of the reason - mostly I blog to whine about work and bitch about some deserving parties.

I commiserated over singleton status with one of my close friends, whose constantly been unlucky in the dating scene and had a good laugh. We came to the conclusion that well, people as a whole will never reallybe satisfied with the lot they've been given. And if they are, they're compelled to bitch about something because being happy for the sake of it is just not done.

We've been asked a few times why we haven't gotten together and well, frankly, people - it's like a frigging disaster waiting to happen...kinda like Airplane!

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