Goodnight and thank you

The year is winding down at last and boy, am I happy to see it come to a calm (or rather, I'm certainly hoping so!) end :o)

2006 has been a year filled with lots of fun, a handful of upsets, a string of surprises, a whole host of new experiences as well as some of the most unforgettable people. The good thing about having friends in other countries is that you are almost assured of having a local tour guide when you visit their home territory. Which is great on many counts and what is even better is getting into hijinks when you are together.

also made discoveries of the old, new, borrowed and somewhat blue sort:

  1. Leopards will never change their spots - so that is an old adage but also one that applies to certain people that I know. I would actually like to thank each and everyone of you; for being the assholes that you are, you made me open my eyes and see your true colors... that, I cannot thank you enough for
  2. People who bemoan together, work better together - we bitch, we complain like aunties and almost die when faced with our weekend stack of newspapers but when help is needed, there's always someone who will get your back
  3. Comfort zones do not have actual barriers - I am ready for new things. I know what I want to do and I have to push those imaginary boundaries in order to move ahead, wish me luck!
  4. I march to my own drummer - cos being a sheep got me nowhere. Being a bitch got me places however, not the right ones so strike a balance, I must
  5. One day, I'll be able to do this publicly (see picture on the right) and people will be blown away. If anyone bugs me about it, I can also shove the cane up their arse and that, I can do now...and publicly too
  6. Take That still sound great for a bunch of uncles - their new album soft-rocks my world and yes, like many hormonal teenage chickies in the early 90s, I adored them...and still wear their concert tshirt to bed...
  7. I am afflicted by Superman complex - while I definately cannot fly and occasionally think I'm an alien, I sometimes think I can and/or should save people from themselves...Life has been easier since I bought blinkers
  8. Working like a dog keeps me happy - it's strange but true...even though work can be a pain on the brain, with crazy people yelling and just plain irritating at times, it keeps me occupied and happy...most of the time
  9. Cameras do not scare me - I can safely say that is is the year of the photoshoot; be it for work or some funky-ass play, I've done so many before. And when faced with a camcorder, I can also ad-lib like crazy and yak like a news reader on SNL... sheesh
  10. I've learnt to enjoy life in moments and also the people I know. Sure, not every single moment is great but I've lived through enough big bad ones to know that the little ones can be easily overcome. Nothing is a tragedy unless you make it so...

Hey, It's my year end dedication to you all and I'm allowed sappiness, dammit! To all the friends that I've made and those who've stuck with me through the years, without you, I would never see other possibilities. You've given me a lot to ponder over and definately celebrate, well, Madonna style:

"I'll remember the strength that you gave me,
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you saved me
I'll remember"

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