Ain't that a bitch

Just yesterday, as I was taking a delegate for a TV interview at The Fullerton, we came across this most fancy-shmancy gingerbread house...and it's REAL! Holy cow!

I don't know how long the chefs took to create it but it was carefuly constructed, piece by piece and held together by frosting...and garnished by all sorts of candy imaginable! *Drool* Needless to say, the house smelled divine...yours truly was hard pressed not to break off a piece and eat it while trying to take this photo :P

And now, for the post that was supposed to be there first but got chucked aside due to my dessert-whorishness...on with the grievances!

Now, I've always been somewhat level-headed and grounded. Honestly speaking, I've never had cause to be jealous of anyone or anything - not during the times when everything was absolute shit and certainly not when things seem to be on the upswing...until now.

At this point in time, I can safely say that I have cause to be jealous of someone. And that given the chance, the slightest, tiniest bit of chance, I'll smack the blinking bejeezus outta the bugger too...thank all yer lucky stars that you are in another continent!!!

Why, why is it that the people who fail to appreciate the finer things in life always get the breaks?

In addition to the two idiots in the previous post, I just found out that yet another idiot got a Bond break. And this one tops it all...for he was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Casino Royale in Sydney. The red carpet premiere! Bloody buggering hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was ultimately galling is that the idiot chose, yes, chose not to go because of a family engagement. To top it off, none of the three stooges are even remotely interested in the franchise in the first place! Am I annoyed? Jealous? No, you don't say! *fumes*

Unreasonable, of course! Hallo, your family is not going to run are not interested in Bond? Oh, reality check: Bond was created specifically for the male audience...all that macho posturing, babes, gadgets, cars and shit were not female I'm a sub-normal, pop culture, film freak - hence it just drives me stonkingly crazy each time I hear stories like this. But wait, what about the lust factor? Of course there is a lust factor! Well, for me at least...for reasons unknown (or rather known but I'm not sharing!), I just love the way Daniel Craig looks as Bond...sigh. Maybe I should have more movie junkie friends that's a crowd who may appreciate my innate geekiness...

But until then - the three stooges are on my shit list. Most of all the last stooge, who also happens to share my bloody initials. Bastard!

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