Waiting on the World to Change

This is music heaven week for me :o)

After a decent jazz album, which promised bigger and better things, John Mayer releases his fourth studio album, Continuum which definately does not disappoint. :o) It’s an excellent testament to the maturity of the artist as a songwriter and a musician who has come into his own. The CD packaging proudly proclaims Music by John Mayer and I couldn’t agree more. The comparisons to Dave Matthews should be laid to rest for good for Continuum is a devastating blend of pop, jazz and blues; melded seamlessly into a feast for the senses which satisfies the both fans who’ve grown up with him as well as gain him a more mature audience. Clearly, the guy has come far from the day pretty pop musings of his debut Room for Squares and the slightly daunting Heavier Things. The songwriting here is far more mature and the musicianship more assured. Standout tracks include Waiting on the World to Change, Vultures, Gravity and the Heart of Life. While the track Stop This Train remains us of how we constantly pretend that we’re never getting old: “So scared of getting older/I’m only good at being young/So I play the numbers game/To find a way to say that life has just begun…”

And now for review No. 2.

This is the one calls out to my inner mat rocker who has been stifled somewhat with mediocre releases from once fantastic bands like The Darkness and even Bon Jovi. Supergroups have always found it hard to survive, what with disappointing releases from the likes of Velvet Revolver and Zwan. BUT there is hope.

Audioslave has been a favourite since they released their self-titled album in 2002. Where the above groups have failed to recapture the glory of their former bands, Audioslave has grown from strength to stength. If old, school hard rock and blues is what you are looking for, the search ends here. With Revelations, you can hear the intensity in Chris Cornell's voice when he sings "The original fire has died and gone/but the riot/inside moves on"...is he talking about the band? Or that they could have done much better? Well, it still gives me chills...Standout tracks include Revelations, Original Fire, Shape of Things to Come and Moth. It's all about the music an the voice and these guys have it in spades. It's balls-out blues/rock fronted by one of the most iconic frontmen in rock today. Rawk on!!!

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Hip Aunty said...

You might be jealous to know that Lenny attended the John Mayer concert last week in Vancouver which he co-headlined with Sheryl Crow. Lenny thought it was awesome and of course came home with a t-shirt as well. He and his friends walked out mid-way through Sheryl Crow's performance, though - obviously not fans!!

Bitchy Witchy said...

VERY jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

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