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I just got a hold of the
Kasabian's sophomore release Empire and the verdict is...well, it's a so-so album. Producing a second album that aspires to replicate the success of the first is a feat that few can attain...

That said, the new release from the Leicaster-based band is produced by Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Ladytron) and finds the band treading newer ground with a larger, more glam-rock inspired sound. If you like the dance-rock stylings of their first self-titled debut album, it's still there - but it's been watered down. This album reminds me of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, which is a far superior album. Now that's an album that can be blasted! Glam-rock is always a tricky gentre to emulate and while Empire does have some Zepplin influences by way of 70s-inspired rock, this album will take quite a while to get used to.

Standout tracks are Empire, Shoot the Runner and The Doberman...while Me Plus One just makes you want to chant along. Back to the drawing board, boys!

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