This could be heaven

Sometimes after a tough period, all you want to do is just hang out and breathe.

Work seems to be petering out somewhat and things are getting smoother. My mum's finally home from NZ and we are re-establishing that I'm a better cook than a housekeeper. Things seem to be brighter these days.

Tonight was one of those nights :o) Initially I was planning to go for loco night but got shanghai-ed into dinner and watching the fireworks from East Coast...far, far away from the maddening crowd and the insane-ness of work.

What could be better than having the wind in your hair, sipping on a good resling and nipping on chocolates...Ahh...bliss. Ya, so the view wasn't so fantastic as we were a little too far away but the enjoyment comes in the form of the company and the feeling that things may not be as bad as you think.

It's an overall fantastic, chill-out night. It reminded me of a line in the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol: "If I lay here If I just lay here, Would you lay with me and just forget the world?" Which in all honesty, I'd love to do more of - while I do enjoy clubbing, dancing and hanging out with a crowd. I've moved on. It's an occasional enjoyment and not something that I long to do or want to do very often. Salsa is something I love and I get to do all the time - now all I have to do is get better and also show up for more loco nights... :P

I guess I'm mellowing out and it's a pretty good feeling. I can't imagine how anyone can go clubbing, drinking, etc - fill in the blanks with the vice of your choice - all the time and not eventually get bored by it all. Sure, I love my drinks and all but to squeeze with the crowd and pretend to look cool while some asshole tries to chat you up or cop a feel? Hanging out with people all night for no good reason? No thanks. I'm going home to read a book and rest up for yet another jam packed day at work.

I'll take having tea at my favourite mama stall and an engaging conversation with a close friend or friends any day. No more wasting time for this chickie. She's got people to see and places to go :o)

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