I'm beginning to see the light

Human nature can be so weired at times - it's funny how you can never see things from other people's perspective even when they try to tell it to you upteenth times and on many an occasion. It's one of those "chekik darah" (frustrating) moments that just makes you want to grab a person by the shoulders and shake them while yelling "Wake up you idiot!"

I call it blind perspective. And I'll also willingly admit that I'm one of those idiots who suffers from it too. But what exactly got me here? Ahhh...have you ever been caught in one of those crazy moments where someone just came into your life and you just fancied the crap out of them? To you, it was like, woa - dude! I don't know how to explain this but it was a sudden - like woa everything looked good, I like! Oh and before I carry on...to the peanut gallery: I was not in love. Infatuated, yes. In lust - well perhaps but the big L? No.

Ok, so while you were busy going woa and kind of drooling, your friends are divided about the whole thing. You have one party that is all Yeah! Go for it! and another party who is an anomaly. Why? Because this other party is made up of people who have the benefits of being long-term buds and some who have not met each other before, some who are not even in Singapore....and yet, they have all somehow come to the same conclusion. Are you mad?????!!!!!! Objection!!! NO! NO! NO!

Harsh words indeed, from the Judging Panel. I swear, I have never see so many eyeballs pop out and shrill voices of shock since Michael Douglas decided to bare his saggy ass in Basic Instinct. Haiz...what is a girl to do? Apparently, the girl just ignored the Panel for the longest time and pretended that everything was fine. She went out and did whatever she was supposed to do to satisfy that curiosity. Of course, during this time she found out a few more things about that oh-so-wonderful crush; some good and some not so stellar.

And then, and then - one day - out of nowhere this thing just ups and bites her in the ass. I don't know what came over me - could be the excercise, the tiredness, the sudden influx of common sense...I don't know. All I know is that I just took one good look at the guy and it was like - What was I thinking?! Wait...I think the Panel may have something there after all...Holey Moley...

So members of the Panel - your humble servant bows down to your greater wisdom and knowledge. All I ask is that you don't gloat - too much. Yeah, so it is somewhat painful to hear so many people stand on the same side at once but I will not ask for less. It is as amusing as it is sad but geez guys...One day, I will have to introduce you all to each other. You'll have a blast!

Seeing the light also comes in the form of work and things seem to be working on a smoother level now. So I freaked out initially and eveything just went to hell all at once but things are starting to look better now and I think I just may be able to make it after all :o)

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