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I love the World Cup. Even back when I didn't know what the heck it was all about...I mean, hallo you have like 22 men chasing a little ball on a pitch! What did the ball do to deserve that? Heh...

Anyways...I learnt to appreciate the beautiful game back during the good old Road to Wembley days where grandpa, dad and my uncles got together to scream, yell and create one hell of a ruckus. Then in school we GOT to play the game and learn about the rules and the system, the's pretty simple, yet complex at the same time. And then there was the boyfriend who was always there for the half-time shows ;o) So what's the point of my blog?

Today it's a rant. Ok, so the World Cup, like the Olympics happens once in every four years. Increasingly, women are getting into the heat of things and finally appreciating the game. It's refreshing that you can now talk to a woman who can discuss the game as intelligently as the dudes...awesome! And a little freaky at times because I've recently discovered that some of my guy friends are not into the game as I's an amusing role reversal of sorts but at least I'm no longer a freak of nature. And yea, there will always be women out there who watch the game purely to oogle the gorgeous guys on the pitch. The ones who say otherwise are liars, all liars!

What is really annoying is when women who claim not to watch the game at all suddenly start to talk about it like the greatest thing since sliced bread...they suddenly become the armchair experts on how far the goal was and whether the goal was on-side or offside, or when a yellow card is valid. WHAT THE FUCK is that all about? I've seen a few winners who've done this and it's one of the most pathetic attempts at drawing attention to yourself ever. Granted that at times it is a ploy to get that cute guy to notice you but it is quite lame when you cannot hold a decent conversation and come off sounding like an airhead. And ya, while we may feel that men in general can be a little obtuse at times - they have a brain too and can spot a bullshitter when they see one.

Football is not brain surgery - any dumbass can talk the good talk. But can you put up a convincing argument? If you claim not to like the game - why is it that you feel compelled to pretend that you do? Or that you are suddenly an authority? To pick up the cute guy? Bimbo!

But Witchy, what about the women who say that they watch the game to oogle then men? In my opinion - and god know's I'm full of them - these are the more honest women. Why? Because while confessing that you watch the game to check out the guys may make you appear to be bimbotic, at least you are honest. You don't pretend to like the game or profess to know what it's all are just there to appreciate God's creations. Dammit - even I do that! I can actually see my 2007 calendar now...Mmmm ;o)

Tonight the game climaxes with the game between Italy and France. One is a team that I've been supporting since Italia'90 and the other is a team that has gained my grudging respect for having that touch of necessary magic at the right time. For me it's simple - I am rooting for the team that I've stuck with through all this fucking shit (thank you Axl Rose - I've always wanted to use that line!). I love the game for what it is. And yes, I am one of those weird people that you see in pubs screaming and shouting like a nut when my team scores and swearing a blue streak when they are fouled. It's the best way ever to watch a game! I don't claim to know anything and everything about it but it's something that my buds and I enjoy.

And to all those opposed...Hmm...well...

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