I'm comin' up so you better get this party started

These last two weeks were an intense time and it's a testament of a good OMO that I've lasted this long.

It's another crazy time with birthdays backed up one against another, yet another friend coming into town and new friends who've inspired a frseh new wave of craziness. For 2006, it was the year of the 3-0. We've already had a spate of buds hitting the Big 3 and then, we had the 30on30 party where two of our close friends threw themselves a crazy-ass bash that had them foot-stompingly drunk long, long before the rest of us showed up. And the stuff we saw - I knew people tended to manifest hidden tendencies when they get shit-faced, geeezuuussss. One had Flashdance aspirations, another decorated the kitchen sink, one got particularly hot and bothered and the birthday boy kept thanking everyone for coming - like a father of the bride! You guys are priceless! The blackmail photos that I have...

To get a party really started, you need the OMO, so naturally I had to make sure that they came as close to a religious experience as possible with the John. Mixers all around! And drinks to anyone whose hands are empty...We celebrated friendship in the freedom, beauty, truth and love way and in the spirit of bohemia, we also celebrated with a fiesty green drink (see picture) that blew the socks off the birthday twins...Mwahahahaha...now THIS is what I call doing shots. Guaranteed to put hair on your chest for the boys and make every guy cuter for the girls ;o)

Oh and for the people who've got birthdays coming up - namely a rabbit that shall remain un-named for now, get ready my friend - workout, go to pubs, stop drinking beer, start doing shots - cos you're NEXT.

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