Working like a dog

You know you've been slogging like a slave when:

  • It's always dark regardless of whether you're going to work or returning home.
  • You think that working past 7pm is normal.
  • You are constantly looking at newspapers and wondering how each piece of news affects your client.
  • Deadlines, deadlines, dealines...everything was due yesterday!
  • Caffeine in any form makes you jittery.
  • It's barely a month and you're wondering how long you can survive in this line.
  • You've lost your appetite for food.
  • Your engines are rusty because the last place you were at sapped out all the good brain cells leaving you with only a skeleton crew.
  • When the only guy who makes your heart skip is called McDreamy - and you practically yell out his name whenever he appears on screen.

And the kicker to win 'em all?

This is something that you actually wanted to try from the get go. Which is why I caution you, dear reader - sometimes getting what you want can REALLY suck.

So beware.

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tr00dee said...

Hey Sweets...
Dance to de-stress!
Anyway... I lost the piece of paper with your msn account (dun kill me) but here's my mine.. Add me pweese. Thanx! And oh... my blog's the following:

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