Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

No matter how iffy things can get in life, you know that you're in a good place when:

  • You have friends who can criticize, bicker and argue with you - and you can see all sides of the story before making up your own mind
  • You feel comfortable sitting at the bar by yourself and chatting with newfound friends
  • You can get shamelessly caught up in World Cup fever and sweep your buds up in it too :o)
  • It's been quite a rough time but there's always someone there to talk things through and help sort out your head
  • You meet up with a close friend that you haven't seen in yonks and it's as though you only spoke yesterday
  • You know of the challenges that you have to face and you won't back down
  • You re-discover IMAX and it ROCKS! Go catch Superman Returns in IMAX guys!
  • Your favourite bartender makes a you a drink that literally has your name ON it...

So, nothing's been perfect and smooth sailing these past couple of weeks. I've been moody and rather down and it's been trying. I've been listening to the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and it makes me wonder...I love the line that says, "If I lay here, if I just lay here...will you lie with me and just forget the world?"

In all honesty, when things got interesting I wanted to really, really just cut things off and leave. Just walk away...or rather run of screaming into the sunset... that shocked the the crap out of me. True, toughing things out has always be bruising but I felt at a complete loss when faced with these new feelings.
The good thing that came out of all this drama is that I've got great people around me - and even have the most unlikely person of them all, come through to lend a helping hand or ear. And in some cases...some harsh words.

Thank you all! I'm ok...a little bloody and battle-worn but I will definately bounce back. You'll see.

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