You Gotta Roll With It

This week has been for me...mostly recuperating and getting my feet back for a new adventure. I've found that strawberry scrubs and massages are heavenly, heavenly de-stressers, that you can work up a sweat by 'walking" around the house and that Belle may probably have e second career as a 'lightbulb changer"... oh happy indulgences!

Tomorrow is D-Day for me. Finally moving into a new territory and hopefully progressing into somewhere that I can expand my horizons.

As with starting anything new, I am a little apprehensive about everything. From what I'll actually be doing to - will I have a seat with a view, to how will the people treat me, will I be ok here? Afterall, I came from AMK where there were NO windows that the staff can look out from at any time of the day so a change will be nice. The people were ok but you roll with the punches that come along and once in a while land a few good ones yourself :o) Apprehensive yet excited...much like a kid on christmas morning. You never know what you'll get! The excitement kicks in because I've wanted to do this for some time and have not had the opportunity to so I am raring to go.

At times, I envy the people who can afford to sit around and idle their lives away or try to live in the lap of luxury - like say, a tai-tai (or lady of leisure, for you non-islanders) in training. While I can admire them, I can also safely say that I am one a few don't have such inclinations. Hey, I love being pampered as much as the next girl, but I find that idling away just saps my energy - all that eating, shopping and indulgences just gets boring and after a short while, my brain ceases to perform its usual functions. That brain-dead and bored feeling for me is hell. Sure, I can find activities to occupy my time or look to friends to accompany me on some vetures but that just fizzles out after a while and I am not selfish enough to expect my friends to bow to my every whim.

Oh and while some women tend to think that they can get all this with some rich guy, I prefer to work to get what I want. I want the luxuries and also the independence that comes with it. My guy has to be able to accept my little idiosyncrasies. I may be traditional in some aspects but modern in others. A mass of contradictions? Well, maybe but a clone, I am not.

This week, I've discovered the one thing that I should never do to impress anyone - be it a new friend or crush or whatever - rollerblading. I somehow don't have the aptitude for this sport - ok, or I may be out of practice...or it could be someone that jinxes me. I have to go on record to say that I've never gotten so bruised and bloodied from blading before I went with this one person. You know who you are - the next time I'm cycling! I'll probably be less hurt and will be less prone to running Kermit over. Either that or I'm padding up like one of those NFL players.

We'll see.

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