Sometimes, it's tough not to loathe the telephone. Yea, so it is a symbol of Alexander Graham Bell's ever evolving invention, it is a means of communication, a means to reach out to that certain someone that you love. But sometimes, it has the capability to deliver the most devastating messages to you too. Breakups, accidents and disasters...most of the time you get the call.

This week, I too received such a call.

This post is dedicated one of my dearest friends and her family who have recently lost their dad and husband. To Uncle Francis, who has never failed to welcome me to his home and who has always the pillar of strength for his family. Even though I did not know you well, I am grateful to know you and your family. To Aunty Teresa, who always has a cheerful insight and a laugh no matter how hard it was. Thank you for looking out for me. To everyone in the family, my heartfelt sympathies, hugs and prayers are with you.

And just as I've dedicated to my cousin, know that there is hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain and support and love from the people who are around you. Take care and stay strong.

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