The weekend went by like a blur...geez, time does literally zip by when you are having fun and I managed to:

  • Clean house in the middle of the night - what's a girl to do when she's feeling restless?
  • Go to Good Friday mass and get burnt by candle wax - and on an extremely salah (ie. Inappropriate), candle wax
  • Catch up on missed casino class - and got dizzy from all those turns
  • Clock in 2 hours of salsa classes at once - no more weekend hangovers for me, I hope!
  • Make Liz watch Take The Lead under duress...she tried not to scoff, I drooled. Yes, I have a think for hot Latin men...and it was a good movie :o)
  • Freak Liz out about her party and the evil plans I have - if you are thinking of games, people, think Sentosa. Then freak out...mwahahahahah *rubs hands in glee*
  • Finally, finally complete my one-wake jump and not smash my brains all over...too much ;o)
  • Watch my friends have fun drinking Punggol water...heh. Yes, I am evil that way!
  • Do stretch class - I will be bendy, I will be bendy! Doing this class after riding really less achy this morning than all the other times!
  • Find the perfect dress for the Maple Leaf ball this weekend...and it's fabulous! Now, to track down ol'Prince Charming...

I am just happy that I can get so much done. It's all good when my hobbies are finally turning into personal accomplishments. I haven't felt like this in a long, long time and it's invigorating! Unlike others, I'm more of a slow developer who gets better over time. My time, my pace... :o)

I've been stuck in a rut for so a while now - and y'know, it's like you get that exhausted feeling when your brains and your body is is perma-sleep or auto pilot and you just cannot function properly. Or your heart's just not in it. That's usually because I've been too absorbed with work, or plagued by silly people and have finally succumbed to sheer laziness and inactivity. Constantly sitting down for long dinners or lifting that pint in the bar does not constitute as matter what I think.

The week's just begun and who knows what in store? Let's just hope for the best :o)

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