Daydream believer

This post is dedicated to the people who always give me a blank look whenever I mention The Boyfriend. So here he is in all his glory...the one, the only, the guy I won't mind riding off into the sunset with... Gael Garcia Bernal.

I can dedicate entire posts on how gorgeous, dreamy...blah, blah, blah...he is but I shall refrain from making everyone puke. A million thanks to Jean who always knows how to brighten an otherwise dreary day :o)...will put in a good word for the Best Friend to show up and sweep you off your feet. Put all those salsa classes to good use! And may your version of The Boyfriend come back to Singapore on yet another tour with the company!

Note: This is not my real boyfriend...but well, a girl can dream. *Sigh*

Oh and I just got the most exciting news!!! Alas, it's not The Boyfriend calling...heh :o)

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