I want you, I don't know if I need you – so can we find out?

I’m baaaccckkk! :o)

There's nothing like a holiday to fire up the synapses. I got to meet a whole bunch of new people, made new friends and of course, shopped like there was no tomorrow. The wedding as you can see in the photos was gorgeous. Thanks Tiff & Kevin for having us over!

So, what was different on this trip? Apart from the fact that we ran around a lot, and crammed in many things into an already packed schedule…we were also introduced to a bunch of guys – which is fantastic but here’s the thing. Mind you, what I’m about to say will not be wholly mind-blowing but still… one familiar thing that came up during the course of the trip was that ...guys, regardless of age, nationality or type seem to be looking for that same thing. A woman or in some cases a girl that is petite, slim, and great to look at. Brain matter is optional. *eye-roll* W-T-F, indeed.

What ever happened to looking for inner beauty? Apparently in the rush to settle down, have an active lifestyle, a stable job and on top of that to maintain the lifestyle that we are getting used to, more and more people seem to be overlooking one thing. That getting to know someone new could be an adventure on it’s own. True, you may have grown up with certain qualities that you would want your other half to have but the question is; is that what really matters? I’ve come across people who’ve practically dictated a list of that their other half has to be of a certain height or size or even mentality but then when faced with the real thing. They cringe or even falter and then, somehow end up with someone who could be a total opposite from what they imagined but ultimately; they are a good match.

Close friends have been ragging me for years about my inherent abilities of somehow going for guys who seem to fall into my height range – ie, they are short. It’s an amusing fallacy but what I want to say is this – I like guys, regardless of their height, or age or anything. Now unless I find out that he’s a complete asshole, then I’d drop him but in general, I don’t have a list of physical qualities that I go for. I usually find that very hard to define. Looking at my sporadic dating history, I can safely say that I don’t have a set type. So people, I know you are well meaning – but stop going down this road. Frankly, I am sick of it and yes; I can find my own guys. Now, if only they’d get a clue.

What is difficult is getting the guys to actually see you. What usually happens is that they are so blinded by their ‘ideal’ type that they usually fail to notice who is before them until it’s too late. And then bitching and moaning on both sides will begin.

Another new thing I that stumbled upon is that guys are becoming more like women. It’s sad but true. Ladies, the men have caught on and now, they seem to enjoy being pursued! Men, stop being a pain in the ass, women enjoy being the pursued. This is one thing that I am grappling with. I mean, yes I do ask the occasional guy out but after a while, it would be great to see some reciprocation or if not, at least say, thanks but let’s remain friends.

More and more guys seem to be taking a back seat in dating. It's like they expect the girls to be doing everything; from pursuing to looking after them to even paying for them. I'm all for equality between the sexes but this is really disgusting. It’s a scary new phenomenon, really. Admittedly, I’d love to have a guy to ask me out but to be the one doing the chasing all the time is tiresome. And ladies, if a guy steps up to the plate, please play nice. Don't get all huffy over a date. It's uncool to be a simpering bitch. To the guys, yes, a girl can wait to be asked but to wait until she grows moss is bloody ridiculous. I figured it would take some time before both sides will eventually meet in the middle on this one. Damn susah, I say!

So in all actuality, guys are the same no matter where they come from. And yes, some can be inherently stupid. What differs is that they seem to mature or at least have a better idea of what they want as they get older. As do women. But until that happens, we are all still shallow beings that would prefer to have an ideal that we can look towards as opposed to having someone that really sees us for who we are and that’s what really counts.

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