Waiting for my rocket to come

I made a few interesting discoveries over this weekend:

  1. The Roxy. If you love martinis, this is the pub to come to. Boat Quay's newest occupant, this cool little place is a winner. Decked out in trademark Roxy colors of red and black, The Roxy somewhere you can go to chill out to good music while winding down with either clients or friends as you sip their signature martinis. Martinis, that come in a myriad of flavors and colors; from the classic martini and Cosmopolitan to the exotically spicy ginger martini and even a saffron martini. You have to check out my photo-log to see more of what we had...and we had a lot.

    The staff is one of the friendliest that I've come across and if you're lucky, you can get your drinks made by their head honcho. One note though - Baby boozers be warned: the drinks here are not for the those with weak constitutions. But, if you like you drinks strong and flavourful, this is the place to be.

    Ladies, how about having the next Girls Night here?

  2. I am in love with Jason Mraz. Jean and I caught his acoustic set with Toca Riviera at the Mosaic Music Festival and he IS fantastic! He is way, waaaayyy better live than in any of his CDs. Don't be misled people - a CD is nowhere near the real thing. Well unless it's Ashlee Simpson on SNL or if you're a MediaCorp artiste...The one thing that I've always loved about live performances is that, here is where you can see the exuberance of the performer and a bit of their personality. While detractors may say that Mraz is a poor man's version of John Mayer or even compare him to flavor-of-the-moment, James Blunt, I disagree. John Mayer is a technically more savvy musician and Blunty is well, Blunty :P but Mraz has the voice, the knack for catchy words as well as the talent to keep his audience hooked from the start right up to the final encore.

    The set list seemed spontaneous and the crowd even burst out into song and bouts of clapping in tune at many different times. The only pity was that he did not perform a few of my favorites like Curbside Prophet, Bella Luna and the Rainbow Connection...but otherwise, oh, in love! Oh and if he wasn't a musician, I think Mraz would've made an excellent stand-up comedian :o)

  3. I still love wakeboarding. Went down to Punggol with Kathrin today, no less and discovered to my delight that I can still do it! And the performance was actually much better than the other times that I've been there - guess I'm better when I feel more relaxed and comfortable. Melvin's still the same, although I've got to bring some Krispy Kremes for this boy...talk about deprived! Kat did very well as she finally got to ride a distance...and is now feeling the after-effects of a good ride. You go girl!

  4. Kat is as loony as I am. The longer we hung out, the loonier we got. Common friends beware.

  5. I am an accident prone, un-springy old chicken. Retribution! So, this is what I get from laughing at Dong. My knees and ankles hurt from too much dancing. I slipped during class and fell on my left knee, I banged by shin and chafed my hands really badly during wakeboarding. I somehow managed to bruise my elbow...apart from a small damage to the ego, I loved every moment of it all for I am mad that way :o)

Also, residents and pedestrians strolling down East Coast this coming weekend - Be Warned. A crazed, out of control manic may be hurtling down once calm walkways and into you. So beware and keep a lookout for that idiot, unless you love to be collided into.

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michelĂ­n amarillo, ave migratoria said...

I don`t understand english very much.
I like this blog, sin embargo.

If want`s, visit me and say "hello".

Bitchy Witchy said...

OMG, a fan! Thank you!

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