Die Young, Live Forever

Fall to the floor gasping in shock and mock horror...

I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I stumbled across this online but I definitely had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Bloody, farking hell! They have made one of my favorite series of all time into a Broadway musical!!!
Lestat will be making his debut in Broadway probably as you read this entry. Yes, i know many of you felt that the dastardly one with a penchant for weeping like a tap should've been flouncing about onstage but still...

Have they not learned from the ghastly movie adaptations? Both Neil Jordan's Interview with a Vampire and Michael Rymer's Queen of the Damned were mediocre adaptations of a series that for me was classic in terms of imagination and scope.
It expanded on the Stoker myth and made the characters believable. Heck, it spawned a whole bunch of weirdos who wanted to BE a vampire...real live ones, these guys. I've loved reading stories on the supernatural since forever - vampires, werewolves, ghosts, magicians, whatever, I've read a whole lot of these - enough to weed out the total crap from the really talented authors who are able to bring a story to life.

I am still in flabbergasted....oh and guess who writes the music? My inner geek is thinking rock opera. The press release says Elton John & Bernie Taupin...My inner geek is currently in a coma. The inner cynic in me tho, is rubbing its hands and doing many a mwahaha. A mild saving grace in all this would probably be the cast (left). No prizes for guess who's who.

Ironically enough, I'm currently reading Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian and it's really good. It's gothic horror that moves along at a fairly quick pace, drawing the reader into one of the most boggling mysteries of all time. Was Dracula real?

I won't spoil it for you people out there who've yet to read it but this book looks like a keeper...I rarely keep any of the books that I read these days due to the massive floor space in my apartment but this one's really good :o)

Oh well...I'm off to recover from the shock of the day...

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