Never give up, never surrender!

We finally won Trivia Night! Or rather, Tharin's Money Shot takes the top prize in trivia!!!

Yippeee! Cue the applauding crowd and a ra-ra song by Queen... after months and months of plotting, whispering and shushing varying groups of strange people on our team...we managed to net ourselves the big prize of the night. Cue a celebratory drink - hell, even I have no idea what the heck the bartender brought me ;o)

Well actually, the prize wasn't that big but it was excellent to win at long bloody last! For the uninitiated, Tuesday night is the one night out of the week that a bunch of us get together and let our inner geeks run amok.

Our most memorable trivia night? The night where the guy announced us as the winners and then discovered that he was wrong...drinks for the table! Go team, go!

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