Isn't it romantic?

Imagine this: Your date comes to your door dressed to the nines, he brings you flowers, he looks all sexy and flashes you that killer smile. Yea, the one that brings a twinkle to his eyes and a hint of mischief. Your heart trips. You are dressed in your seductive best, all made up, you feel confident, alluring, ready for anything. He holds the door for you, he drives you around, ushers you to an exclusive restaurant with gorgeous table settings for two. There is romantic music playing in the background, you have a wonderful time at dinner, he twirls you around the floor when your song comes up. Caught up in the moment, the night can get only better...

And this only happens once a year.

Doesn't that just suck?

Each year, as it draws closer to that dreaded day, millions of people are struck by the sudden need and the irrepressible urge to buy flowers, have romantic dinners, suddenly go crazy and declare their love for each other and blah, blah, blah... Valentine's day or rather V-day. It's like the golden carrot for many stores/flower shops/spas/restaurant/whatever, you name it, they've got a package ready for you and your other half. At an exorbitant sum.

A cynic? Well, yes. How can I not be? It's simply stupid that people choose one day out of an entire year to declare their romantic intentions. I am saying - save your money people! That girl or boy that you've been making googly eyes at? Send them flowers, drop them a note, go for coffee, do SOMETHING, anything...and here's the kicker: You can do it at anytime!

So what's the deal with Valentine's? Is that the only day that you can show some extra care and thought to the person that you love? Oh pur-lease...grow up and get a new brain. I know that many people are prone to the sheep mentality of 'hey everyone's doing it, so should I!" but this is bloody ridiculous. By now, some of you readers are probably thinking, oh this poor girl, she's never had a valentine her entire life. Not true.

What I am saying is that romance, regardless of the day or time should be celebrated any time you deem so. It just happens - or make it happen! What happened to carpe diem? That opening scenario? Just imagine how you would feel if you get to experience that every once in a while. I'm not saying that this should happen all the time but little dashes of romance, a small note, an intimate gesture speaks volumes. What happened to that? I have friends who've declared many a time that they would prefer not to get flowers/candy or any such thing. Or even laugh at the poor soul who professes love but I sometimes wonder; is that really what you'll do? That's bloody cruel! Could we be so devoid or detached from our feelings that a mere sincere expression will throw us in disarray? How silly is that?

Deep down, I do believe that every woman or man, regardless of that hard shell that they exhibit for the world to see, wants to be loved. And something as simple as a - Hi, how was your day? from a loved one could brighten up your day tremendously. I mean, how can you say that you have been in love when you have never even experienced something as simple as that? It's one of those heart-grabbing moments that everyone should experience :o)

So, don't fret unnecessarily about Valentine's day. Make that a decadent girls/boys night out instead. Save the real juice for that someone special. What's the harm in showing that someone special your intentions? Take them out, wine, dine, romance - enjoy each other and everything. At your own time or all the time. Spread some romance!

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