Definately maybe

You know you are bored when:

  1. Work becomes a monotonous rather than fulfilling;
  2. People around you wig out over every little thing;
  3. You dream up new and inventive names for your buddies....It's fun with words time!

I've got one resident egghead that's been deemed slutty, one slut who's covert about their intentions, one geek who's bitchy as all hell and one who's a wildcard. There is the Cluess Know-it-All, the Evil Angel, the Expired Teenager, Happy Spanky (this one has to be seen to be believed!), Bland Spice, Local Foreigner, Serious Clown, Armchair Sportsperson and the list goes on...

Then there are the people who I've met along the way that seem to have consistent discrepancies or who seem to face consistent uncertainties. And wait, it gets better with consistently inconsistent people who are conspicuously absent at gatherings.

It's fairly obvious that there's some fuzzy logic involved in this but, damn, it is entertaining :o) And while many people may not be as fond of my lists, it's ok. It'll be awfully nice if we can agree to disagree on our mutual differences ;o)

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