Wish I had a mirror, looked a little clearer

Is trust but an aspiration?
Is hope but a passing fancy?
Mere words seems worthless
For those who think everything's a whimsy

No more despair

Just dull disappointment
So why tumoil? Why torture?

Apathy is not something that is a familiar emotion

No more words to offer

No more gestures to make
It is time to let go, to walk away

To introspect, to reflect, to reconsider

Perhaps things will lighten
Perhaps things will be better
Perhaps is all I an offer
To one who is always the weaker

A friend once told me to pray in times such as these - Pray for God to give you strength to change the things you can, the grace to accept the things we can't and the wisdom to know the difference.
Thanks my dear, for the kind words and for the empathy. It may not look like much but it means the world to me.

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