5 Hundred, 25 Thousand, 6 Hundred Minutes...

How do you measure a year in a life?

Just like the
song - in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee? The year thus far has panned out in a bittersweet manner. I've learnt a bunch of new things that I never thought to pick up earlier, well, except for driving - which I am still holding out on. I am lazy that way! Although, I'll probably get round to it eventually. Unless there's someone out there who wants to sacrifice some time and their precious car to teach me...hello, any volunteers? :p

In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife... Friends and family have been instrumental in many of the 'projects' that I'm involved in. And yes, a big part of the year is dedicated to them, the laughter, the mischief, the infuriating way they behave. We travelled miles to be where we are now and I'll be the first to admit that I've learnt a lot from you all. I'm extremely grateful to the friends and especially the family who've provided listening ears and critiques to the bagfuls of stupid ideas that I've come up with.

For the friends who are looking at a bumpy road ahead, know that there is always support, a hug and a helping hand nearby. The journey may be rife with diffculties but it can be overcome with the love of the people around you.

For the friends who've been at the receiving end of my harsh and often hurtful words, I am not sorry that I spoke up. I don't believe in half measures and being 'protective'. Life is messy, tough and complicated but it can also be a wondrous experience - you just have to embrace it all. In short, I will always give you an honest opinion. And know that I would rather hear the painful truth rather than be told what I wish to hear. I won't molly-coddle you, all I ask is that you be honest with me. Never be afraid to say what you truly feel. So people will be hurt, well they'll have to deal. The thinking person will reflect, ask questions and try to learn from mistakes. Bottling stuff up will only lead to negative effects. So please, speak up.

For the people who think that they are perfect - please fuck off. I don't need you around.

And while I cannot only measure the people that I know, I also realize that yes, I've also been a major asshole in the year and mistakes have just piled on like access pounds - those will definately take time to rectify. The fault lies in me as well and I am sorry if I've stepped on your toes.

For those beginning a new chapter in life, my best wishes and happy vibes go to you! It's never easy starting something new and you are bloody amazing for venturing out on a limb :o) Go forth and conquer!

To my mum, I will try to do more chores or at least be home more often. I will try to curb in inner home-sloth...

A year of ups and downs indeed. It was also an illuminating year that left me feeling like I've been through a roller-coaster of emotions. I'm not saying that it was terrible ~ some parts were rather fantastic but then again, I could do with a little less drama in others. But well, we carry on.

To everyone that I may have left out in this entry, have a happy, yet belated New Year and may the year ahead bring you everything you wish for! :o)

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