One day maybe we will dance again

This last week was one filled with great fun and lots of laughter with friends and family. We had surprising people popping into our festivities to add dash and spectacle. I mean, an impromptu stripper and a belly dancer? Judging from the pictures, well, it was a sight to be seen!

If that's an indication of what happens when we have a hen's or a going away party, boy, we'd have one like that every other week ah!

It was also rather bittersweet as these are relatively new friends who I've recently got to know but all too soon, they are packed up and ready to be either shipped off to a new assignment or going home to start a new life. But hey, that's life, isn't it? You make friends - some people who you know will stick around forever, while some others you've known for sometime slowly get relegated into acquaintances. That pains me but that is another story for another time.

Tiffany and Terence, we will meet up again. Hopefully sooner rather than later and if not, well, I'm always here online :o) All I can say is Tiff, be prepared for chaos when we decend upon you in April and Terence, get ready for a dearth of Singlish-filled emails ;o) I already miss you guys terribly!

And in the words of Richard Ashcroft:

One day maybe we will dance again
Under fiery skies
One day maybe you will love again
Love that never dies

Oh, don't you want to find?
Can't you hear this beauty in life?
The roads, the highs, breaking up your life,
Can't you hear this beauty in life?

Yes, I am sappy that way. Korrect!

If you have to take the pain and sweetness to be able to really experience the beauty of life, then I can safely say that I am living.

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