Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

Can you believe that it's been 30 years since the release of Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run"? I mean 1975! I haven't even been bloody born then...mindblowing.

The man referred to as The Boss, to me, was one of the most enduring and accessible American songwriters of this era. Sure, he's not all mass audience and tends to appeal more to US listeners but some of his songs to tend to linger long after the CD has ended. While Dylan appealed to the beatniks, the Beatles made happy-sounding pop and the Rollong Stones rocked out arenas, Springsteen for me, spoke of the everyman.

No fancy lyrics, no spectacular pyrotechnics, just raw words and a sharp insight into America and its environment. I've never been too fascinated about US singers as they end to glamourise life in there but his songs were written with something that a lot of writers lack these days - a little bit of soul, and the world weariness of a man who has been around the block and back.

I confess to listening to his songs when I'm in a funk and one of my all time favorites has to be Human Touch, the lyrics, in particular, the 2nd last stanza just resonate within me:

"So you've been broken and you've been hurt
Show me somebody who ain't
Yeah, I know I ain't nobody's bargain
But, hell, a little touchup and a little paint...
You might need somethin' to hold on to
When all the answers, they don't amount to much
Somebody that you could just to talk to
And a little of that Human Touch"

And yeah, anyone would've felt like this sometime or another. Regardless of what happened, everything can be a little better if we just open up a little and speak from the heart.

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