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Am finally back from Phuket where we had a sales conference last week. This year, we could've done with a little more planning, dedicated a little more time and had a little less conversations.

  • Day 1 - had a minor hitch when I went to my room and discovered that my luggage wasn't there! Imagine coming back after a melting afternoon buying stuff and bargaining with the vendors in Patong. You are tired, you smell funky and you need a shower...then, no clothes...went a little mad but thankfully, the management sorted it out
  • Day 2 - we worked in the conference room till about 4am to ready the slides for presentation the next day...everyone was so exhausted. Where was the boss? Drinking and schmoozing, of course! Evil that I was...I made sure I guilt tripped the woman...mwahaha
  • Day 3 - Presentations and outdoor sports...Dong did a fantastic job of running the games and yelling until she was almost hoarse...At night, I got testy with one of the Korean bfs who insisted on taking photos during set-up. That of course, made sure that I never got into their pictures again...Thank god.
  • Day 4 - while slogging over my newsletter in the business centre, I saw the crew from America's Next Top Model check in. Jay is taller off-screen and Nigel...well, he's definately hotter in person...sizzle!

Anything that absolutely capped off the short trip? Well, yea, I got a great kick watching the boss get dunked inthe sea by two of the biggest-sized directors on the management team... mwahahahahaha!!!

The food was fantastic outside the hotel...tom yum, fresh seafood and yummy, yummy dessert. We got great massages and I got the first foot massage & pedicure in my life, Dong's fan club is still going strong - it's weird how they keep taking photos of her, it seemed funny at first but it creeped me out a little...Overall, the trip was exhausting but fun...now if I really had my way, then we'd be talking about FUN...heh. Oh well.

Back in SG, Jean & I went to Lyn's wedding over the weekend and caught up with one of the loves of her life. Unfortunately the bugger was still attached but still, Jean looked all snazzy and dressed up...you go girl! She's clearly got no class...pooi!

We also ran into Fauzi who was Lyn's tuition mate when they were younger. He offered to buy Jean a baju kurong for a date...awwww...It's amazing how we all are somehow linked to one another. Lyn looked fabulous and I can't believe that she's leaving for Melbourne on Tuesday...We'll miss you! Write often!

After the wedding, we decided to go check out the Discovery Centre. Why? Cos the new Harry Potter movie comes in IMAX...After 2 hours of getting lost and tired and hungry...Vincent, it's nowhere near the Birdpark, you nut! We finally found the bloody place only to discover that it was closed for renovations and that...farking hell...get this...Harry Potter is playing in IMAx at the fucking Science Centre!!! @#$@#$%^%^&^%&^*&!!!

One hopes this week will go better!

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jky said...

Eh, eh, I hope you mean that the whatsherface who's attached to the one of the love of my lives is the unclassy one :P

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hallo...but of course! Geez...don't get me started on how people should be dressing for weddings!

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