Birthdays, one of my favourite things!

I love celebrating birthdays :o) It's a chance to make a fool of the person who is turning a year wiser and well, I'm a sucker for buying presents...if you've ever got anything from me, it's gonna be novel! And last week was a week of birthdays indeed...we had Eddie on Nov 1, Jenny on Nov 4 and finally Matthew on Nov 6. we have a short respite until the next one. Thank God!

So we went rollerblading with the birthday boy who, incidentally is a better spring chicken than yours truly. All I can say is, Matt, at least you cannot complain that no one fell for you on your birthday...and bloody bled too! For the uninformed, this is not a declararion of lurve...let's just say that I am not one of the most secure people on rollerblades. Hence the falling - every damn where! The only thing good is that thankfully, I have an ass that is able to cushion all the tumbles. Next time, I'm sticking to something safer - like walking...or at least cycling.

The one big regret of the night tho, is we actually forgot and really FORGOT to take a photo of the birthday boy! Aiyah! I'm sorry Matt, we'll track you down for a photo one of these days :o)

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