Oh, what a Beautiful morning!

It's 2am in the wee hours of Saturday morning and what the heck am I doing? Blogging!

Why? Because I am pissed off enough and unable to sleep. For the uninitiated, Friday & Saturday nights are for me, party nights. It may seem a little strange to you but well, this girl, loves a party. To top it off, I don't even have anything to fall back on tomorrow because for once, I am not even riding - I can practically hear my instructor laughing his ass off at me...

So why the fuck am I home? And why am I pissed off? Oh let me count the reasons:

  1. A friend was getting a surprise birthday party at one of the local nightspots. Us girls got invited - yay!
  2. We stayed out.
  3. We waited till midnight.
  4. We basically wasted a whole bunch of time doing absolutely NOTHING...
  5. And then we get to the location. All good so far, right? Yes.
  6. Then we find out about the cover charge and then, and then...we HEAD HOME..yes, we went home. We stood at the entrance of the disco for all of 5 mins. Found out that there was a cover charge...and then WENT HOME. The cover charge was the usual $20 and entitled ladies to free flow of vodka all night.
  8. Oh what a WONDERFUL, glorious night! Oh wait, actually "Oh, what a beautiful mornin',Oh, what a beautiful day.I got a beautiful feelin' Ev'rything's goin' my way..."

Did we tell the rest of the gang that we were backing out and running home? No.

Did we even spare a thought for the people who were nice enough to invite our sorry asses to join them in the first place? No. I mean, we went home! That's just fabulous of us! We did try calling and no one picked up the phone but, there's always SMS, right? If I give someone my word, I will make good on it. If not, I will personally tell them why.

Am I being a bitch about a majorly fucked up night? Yes, but of course. I don't absolve anyone of any responsibility in this. And if you are pissed off, well good, oh if you feel that this is unfair, please talk to me directly. No stories around the block now...

Thing is, I am rarely pissed of about such things. What I feel badly about is that we have said that we are going and acted all excited about it. Had we decided otherwise and called to beg off, I'd still be mildly miffed, but hey, at least we didn't waste time waiting and waiting and waiting around. I hate waiting around. When I go out to party, I work up a sweat dancing my size 9s into the wee hours of the freaking morning, get all smoky and finally have breakfast/supper before going home - then I'd be satisfied. Do I get all smelly, sweaty and smoke logged doing all this? Yes. Oh and for those who live under a rock, the thing to do when you get all funky is to shower when you get home.

Will I ever want to party with the same bunch of people I went home with even if they were nice enough to send me home? Fuck no. I have my party crew and I have my ah pek crew now and if I have to segregate groups in order to make me feel better - well, I am sure am gonna. It sure makes partying a whole lot lot easier.

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