I got a call today, that I didn't want to hear

I was sufficiently inspired from the events of last night to dream up a rather funny entry for today's post but, oh god, I got a call.

My cousin who recently emigrated to NZ suddenly lost her husband in the most shocking way. One moment the man was playing football with friends, the next moment he is gone. The news left me numb. What happened? How? And even why, crossed my mind but the one thing that ran on endlessly was - how is she going to cope?

My cousin is one of the strongest and steadiest people I know. She was the person who was always there for me during the harshest periods. The first person to stand up to my tyrant uncle, to make her own way in the world and the one who has constantly encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Now she is suddenly a single parent with 3 kids to raise, a demanding job and no family support in a foreign country. Her parents have already booked a flight to NZ and her sister is trying to go over. I am sorely tempted to just drop everything and go but I can't. Even my mum is frustrated as she's just got a new job and can no longer just leave.

It' s very heartwrenching to see someone so young and vital be suddenly snatched away. From the phonecall I had with her sister, it seems that the family was planning to come home within the next few weeks to visit. Things have been working out after some teething problems with the move and the family is now making quite a good living.

Today's post is dedicated to my cousin, my brave and dear big Bubujan. Stay strong and know that although we may not be able to be there with you, our heartfelt sympathies and prayers are with you and the children.

Know that there is hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain and that your family will always be here to support you no matter what.

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jky said...

Oh gosh. I'm so sorry about that :( I remember you telling me about her in the past.

I guess, knowing that she has such a family who cares and loves her, will help her tremendously.

There aren't any words of comfort one can give to really help in such a situation like that, so if you need a hug, I give decent ones :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, if I had anyone to look up to during those times. It was her. She amde me realize the to accomplish anything, you have to cross that one important hurdle. Yourself.

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