All about the wordplay. Ya, sometimes.

I don't know if it's the dance classes, the excess margaritas, the zoo, the rain, the never-ending editing of my excessively long newsletter, my mother's endless baking, the overdose of ginger, the indulgence of Spiers or the strange yet rather amusing fact that Jean has found more kindred spirits who've bonded with her through the love of the husband. Oy.

It seems that my brain refuses to's rebelling against me! ArGH! I'm sttttuuuucckkkkk in the proverbial dustbin of my mind...lack of inspi-a-ration this week :p

Feels like ol'Godzirra...(yes, I'm utilizing my Japanese) has melted my brain. This picture cheered me up immensely though, thanks Justin! I didn't realize that Procurement Directors were that talented...made me smile.

On the other hand, I finally managed to catch Kitchen Confidential and it was, like, heeelllooo Mr Cooper...I didn't realize he could be hot. I'm not usually one for the blonde/blue eyed type (I'm more for the exotic, looking type) but this suddenly, it was like phwoa! HELLO! Ok, ok...getting all hot under the collar now...I'll control the babbling. Somehow...

Oh and the number of Matthews in the cricle of trust, or of beoing seems to be increasing...I'm up to 3 now! One's a good friend, one's a great writer and one's damned hot! Yah, so Band of Brothers is not only big on story...heh. Is it me or is it hot in here...?!

Thank you, Jeannie :o)

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jky said...

You're welcome!

I took a moment (or two) when you mentioned the ginger, and my husband in one sentence. It's like oooooh!

And you know, I'm not the blonde/blue eyed type either. In fact, the husband is the only really pretty guy I actually lurve :P But dang it, Mr. Cooper is mucho hot in there!

As for the Matthews... I'm more of a Damain girl ... and his cocksure raspy voice :P

(magaritas on thurs!)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Hear, hear for the margaritas!

Oh and Prison Break - solid plot, let down by the interesting looking, if rather wooden, Wentworth Miller.

Raspy voiced...mwahahahhaha

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