Kalau ada silap, jangan simpan di dalam hati

Over the last few weeks we had one of our favourite aunties come to town to live with us and boy, did we go mad with the shopping and the baking...it's funny but it seems that whenever the family gets together, there'll be culinary adventures and masses of shopping!

But the one thing that changed this time was that my jolly mother went and got her hooked on Korean dramas...oy. While I am very partial to TV dramas, the Korean drama craze has never affected me as much or at all. Why? Because:

  1. Storylines are recycled to death - boy/girl meet in orphanages, rich/poor family feud, kid exchange...
  2. There is always a romantic triangle or sometimes square, circle...whatever
  3. Inevitably someone dies...oftimes of leukemia sometimes of cancer
  4. And then, AND THEN...the couple or a couple will find out that they ARE brother and sister! Are all Koreans somewhat related??? WTF?!! Can't anyone get it on without getting a DNA test first? And ultimately...EWWWW

It's bad enough that you tengok until buah tak jatuh, waiting for the two to get together and get it on (which by the way, NEVER happens...cos they're permanently trapped in 19-not-belum so it's lots of gazing still). Macham mana tak hati panas? And yet, the TV-twosome in my house keep watching. It's a strange, chekik darah, or rather muntah darah-and-mati-type fetish, I'll tell ya.

Am so glad that mum finally hooked up the VCD player in her room, now I can watch my DVDs and lousy Ch 5 programming in relative peace.

Oh, oh and on a much brighter and more exciting note...one of my favourite musicals of all time is coming back into town! It's the 10th anniversary celebration...can you believe it's been 10 years?! And the movie is opening during Thanksgiving this year too...Joy! Adam Pascal!

I remember watching Rent when SRT ran it in 2001. It was more affecting than Les Mis and sadder than the Phantom...and the songs, the songs! What was more heartbreaking was that I do know of some friends who could've been certain characters and that was what hit closer to home. Sure, the cast was not the original Broadway one but it was performed with plenty of heart which kept the soppier audience members like moi, tearing good tears.

This time around, we'll pull out those hankies yet again and indulge in our 'gay' sides yet again. It's funny but Jean & I have surmised that had we not been born women, we'd most probably turn out to be the most cliched gay men ever...all that boy watching, then there's the trips to the theatre and the ballet, the love for musicals, Kylie and all that cheesy music that we love...the shopping, the bitching... nuff said.

November is indeed the month for RENT. If anyone's interested, drop me a line, us kiasu people will be buying tickets the moment the box office opens :o)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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jky said...

WAH! Got spam comments :P

Seriously though, Korean dramas are like those Taiwanese ones. Except Taiwanese dramas come complete with cheesy music effects "Dum dum DUM!"

I remember the horrification when my ma got addicted to those HOKKIEN Taiwanese dramas. Oh dear Lordy.

I figured, God, if I were ever a real gay man, I'd probably be a disgrace because I curse like a sailor. On the other hand, that probably explains my fetish for men in uniform. It's sad that I'm starting to think that army uniforms are starting to look hot. Damn Damian!

Bitchy Witchy said...

Buay tahan the spam! ;)

Jean, that uniform fetish looks like it'll go outta hand. Do you think there are self help groups for this? :P

jky said...

Eh, I still got standard lah. Local army uniform cannot make it. If I ever find the local army uniform (or even any of the local military uniform) appealing ... Than that's when hell has frozen over.

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Anonymous said...

Oy oy your aunty here. So glad to be home in good old Vancouver. Cannot believe you mentioned me and my short-lived Koreanna madness!! I'm over that now that all the new season's started......btw, this season opener for the OC shows Marissa being kicked out of the poshy school for shooting Ryan's bro and Ryan also got kicked out of school for punching the new wicked discipline master in the nose for evicting M out of the carnival fundraiser that Summer organised. I won't even go into the part that Kirsten checked herself out of rehab and shacked in with new wicked girl (ex Boston Public lawyer turned teacher).......... sorry, being a little vengeful.... all you OC fans who don't like to be told before hand heh heh...Love, Ee L.

jky said...

Ryan!!! Leave that skanky beeeetch!

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