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Walking down the road no matter where you are today, you can be sure that the days of the Renaissance masters and Botticelli have ended when your senses and person are assaulted by the onslaught of slimming ads and the idea of beauty is to look like a stick with boobs. Waaiiiit...then again in sunny SG, it's just a stick, oh with hair - it's a walking mop! Boobs optional...mwahahahah...

I mean, what the hell is going on? It's scary when the media and the world in general perceives near anorexia to be cool and beautiful. While I admit that obesity is rising and that I've personally seen like, really HUGE people, I hold on to the notion that people and women in general should be realistic. Excercise, yes. Eat healthy but don't starve just to fit into a pigeonhole. It's not worth it.

A couple of weeks ago, a local entertainment rag ran the most appalling cover story on how the TV actresses are getting slimmer and slimmer these days, literally saying that dieting = roles = yay! All I could think of when I picked up the magazine was: gawd, is the actress on the cover suffering from a disease? The girl is literally skin and bones where she used to look healthy! And THIS is an industry standard of beauty? Hold on, is it me or isn't talent supposed to play a part in the whole acting profession? Does this mean that thinness equals talent? I'd like to state for a fact that while you can remedy the weight, if you're talentless, well, then you are a talentless walking mop.


Then I did a self assessment. Like many other women, I've been through the fad dieting, the funky ass slimming pills, creams and a whole host of stupid things in the pursuit of the ideal image. Of course, I am shallow! Like many women and a few vain men, I too succumb to advertising, suffer from esteem issues now and again but then again I've come to the conclusion that no matter how much I weight I take off, I'll NEVER be able to look like any of those bloody models or stick-thin caricatures that are so valued these days. Thank God! These people scare me.

Do I blame my genes? Well, partially. But then again, I am also an avid foodie hence, the tendency to pile on the pounds is greater. So, the key is control, right? Well, I think so...although it's a bloody pain in the ass.

So what's the takeaway this week then? The takeaway for me, at least is that I am rather happy with where I am now. I have an interesting excercise thing - workout seems too regimented a word for me. I've made peace with myself on the whole body image thing. And while I could still do with shaving a few more pounds off, I'll not make it my life's mandate.

It's healthy living ah!

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jky said...

honestly though... this is why i don't read local magazines anymore. the expectations out of women from foreign magazines are silly as it is. Add on the local magazines .... And it becomes pure insanity.

I've got to pass you this link where they showed pictures before and after air brush. Brings a whole new perspective to the whole skininess and all that shit.

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