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Despite the madness of rushing from meeting to meeting and cranking out a newsletter and all that good stuff, the thing that really struck me this week was how much I missed writing.

Miss writing? Writing? I can practically hear the detractors yell "WTF??!! She writes everyday, it's her *(&%@ job!" Well smart-asses, writing for me certainly does not mean the stuff that I do for work. Work is work. The stuff I really enjoy is writing feature columns. Stuff like this blog. Yea, so it is terribly arrogant of me to be wanting to pen down my thoughts and air them to the world (ehco: the world, the world...) but I think it's pretty neat. It's one of the areas I get to express my thoughts, heh, not all of it but still, it's most of what I believe in.

I helped out a few friends this year - collaborating and editing scripts and even a few papers and what came back to haunt me was how much I enjoyed the work. Like many, I'm facinated by how artists put bring pictures to canvas or a song to music. I love the way words can be moulded and phrased to convey feelings. I've never been the most eloquent speaker or the most captivating storyteller but writing is one avenue that lets me be all that I want to be. Oh and I tend to fumble less with my words too.

And while I do have writing heroes, they are not necessarily like ol' Bill Shakespeare. For me, simplicity is key and I do not need reams and reams of words to convey my point. Writing heroes? The list is simply too diverse and extensive - it stretches from Oscar Wilde to Anne Rice, to Brandon Boyd, Bruce Springsteen, Jonathan Larson, Neil Gaiman, Poppy Z Brite and even screenwriters like Tarantino, Almodovar and younger writers like JJ Abrahams & Joss Whedon.

It's all about the writing, about love, about passion, the excitement of creating something enw regardless of whether it's accepted or not. It's about doing the things that I love. Idealistic? Hell yeah! Realistic? Well, I try to be...but then again, it's good to have stuff to aspire to :o)
The more I help my friends out, the more I'm thinking, hey should I just pursue the writing on my own or should I just stick to what I know and do well? I don't know. Or go back to school? That idea has been running though my head for the longest time but hmmm, thinking back on the tons of research and the nitty gritty of school life...that is a cause for a pause. What I need is a creative avenue that allows me to just be creative and maybe even get paid for it .

The one thing that I am really looking forward to is a little side project that the girls and I are doing over the this weekend and that is...well, while we do know what the final product is, the secret shall remain locked at this point of time. I mean, who knows who reads my blog anyway ;o)

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