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These days with the advent of such digital marvels as the ipod, various MP3 players, online music sales and downloads it seems that more and more people are wither buying, offloading or stealing music off the net.

And while you have to marvel at the people who can download the latest albums or the funkiest songs, it sometimes makes me wonder - do these people really care about the music? All i seem to hear from people these days is what CD do you have? Can I burn it? It doesn't seem to matter if the songs are actually something they like or even original. All these people care about is amassing more stuff - bloody hoarders. And when asked, but do you really like say... Journey? They'll look at you cluelessly and go, Who the heck is that? Times like that, I feel a smack is in order.

Sure, there used to be a time when artists came into the industry - to make a difference, to be heard but in the age of the musical empires, it takes a supremely naive being to even believe that the artists or 'musicians' in the industry are solely there to record the songs that they believe in. It's no longer I wanna be heard. It's I want a No.1 record, I want you to desire me...and maybe squeeze in a few songs that I kinda wrote for additional street cred. Perhaps there are still a few of them who believe in the dream but try telling that to the manufactured pop-stars...whether we like it or not, the cookie cutter star is here to stay. It frustrates the crap out of the serious music fans but still, you have to weed out the posers before you can get to the great stuff.

But do the people really listen? Do you remember the first time you heard a song off the radio and was blown away? I do. God help me. It was sometime in the 1980s when I first heard Livin' On A Prayer...and I LOVED it. It doesn't matter if the song is cheesy, but hey, if Tommy & Gina belived that they could make it, so can I and if they played this on the radio again, you can bet your ass that I'll be singing to it. I can list a whole bunch of songs that has touched me and taken me through different stages of my life but that's another blog for another day.

This rant is more about the people who simply download or burn stuff for the fun of it all. The people who, when asked, so what type of music do you like? Usually respond with a bland, well, anything nice or anything on the radio...these people should be kicked, boiled in oil, drawn and quartered.

I used to sell music at a local retail outlet and I have to admit that these are the clueless types who makes me wanna just stomp on them. I mean, I'd even respect you if you said, that Tommy Page was your cup of tea! Hey, at least that's a start. You acutally have a clue! Don't just wander into a shop if you've no idea what you like. Sure, the sales person should help you, it's their job but remember: they are not mind readers. Not everyone has the same sucky taste in music as you.

Like the latest Chemical Brothers or the soothing sounds of Steve Tyrrell? Let the poor buggers know. Clue them in. Trust me, it makes all our lives easier if you have at least an inkling of what you like. But sometimes people are such morons.

The only place that people do have to at least listen and note lyrics are probably at a karaoke bar. But still, I've come across a few winners. I've seen people sing I Will Always Love You with the biggest, soppiest grin on their faces - hello, breakup song! Wedding couples (and this is a true anecdote), sit up and take note: The song No Me Ames is not about hearts and flowers and all that crap. It's about a couple fighting and asking each other not to love the other one...get a clue, translate lyrics or at least as someone who knows! *eye-roll*

I admit that even I am guilty of just buying music without listening to the lyrics. But still, in the off hours, when I am by myself, I still take out my CDs, dust off the covers, plonk myself down and really listen to the music. It soothes, it calms and at times, when you are really into the music, it's sheer magic. Try it sometime - you'll be rewarded.

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jky said...

Bwahahahahahah! Word on the No Me Ames song!

And agree on the article. Nothing annoys me further when people listen to crappy music. It annoys me when they tell me they don't know what they like in music. How can one not know!? Surely there must some preference.

But it annoys me further when people listen to generic stuff and label it as great music. Sure, Britney is good for guilty pleasures, but she's not the epitome of great music. Hate it when people are not adventurous. On the other hand however, I'm resistant to trying out certain kinds of music too :P

babykayak said...

Hey... Bitch..y Witchy... Hahaha... Great way to pen down your rantings and ravings... And as neurotic as you are sometimes, these pointers here are so TRUE! Hahaha... Music is good, just that some are so commercialised... And people nowadays are exposed to that... So, well, it takes only some to appreciate real music... =)

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