Big in Japan

Well, I'm back from a whirlwind trip to Japan. So how was it? In a nutshell, it was:

Five days in Tokyo
Endless memorable moments +
Two highly embarassing moments +
Singing in the rain +
Rushing about like crazy =

One of the best trips I've ever had

It's one of the things that I never thought that I'd do but also one of the very best. Why? Because, right before the trip, I was burnt out, frustrated, tired and pissed off at anything and everyone.

The wonderful thing about suddenly chucking everything aside and just going is that it allowed me to take a step back from work and the daily grind and just simply enjoy. Zurich was fun for the very simple reason that a bunch of good friends got together to see more of the world. But Japan was different because it allowed me to reconnect with a dear friend, meet up with fairly new ones, experience new things and meet new people.

The scary thing about Japan is that almost everything's in Japanese and for the unsuspecting (ie; stupid) traveller (ie; yours truly) it was one hell of a wet experience because not only did I manage to get an impromptu shower in the toilet, I also managed to get a security guard all afluster. He thought that I called for help. It's a wonder if they'll ever let me back into Japan after that little fiasco...

Culturally, much of the Japanese way of life is still steeped in tradition. Although, the alternative side is stealthily creeping in. And while all the celebrities are making a big doo-dah about the wonders of shopping in Harajuku and Shibuya, I personally didn't think much of it. Why? Because it's bloody expensive! What sort of crazy person will shell out US$60 for a top that costs S$20? Only a rich and less-travelled fool, I say. What I loved about Tokyo in general was the extremely interesting people. And we're talking decked out in the most outlandish and garish mish-mash of clothes ever. And I'm not even talking about the Cosplay people. These are the average guys/girls on the street who dress in 3-4 layers of clothes and the funkiest accessories.

But, the top takeaways that I'll always remember:

  1. Fresh sushi and sashimi in Tusjiki - so orgasmic, nothing else will ever come close (oh wait - maybe there is ;o))
  2. Speeding through downtown Tokyo on a motorbike at night
  3. Setting off a fountain in the loo
  4. Playing with fireworks on our last night - we made so much noise and almost burnt down some trees! It's all Hama's fault!
  5. Misty mountains and running around like mad in the rain in Kamikochi
  6. Salsa!
And of course a very big, warm THANK YOU to all our friends who took the time out to ferry, feed and show two very lost girls around one of the busiest cities in Asia. We'll be seeing you all again...sometime soon!

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jky said...

I'm glad that you're back, and that you had a fabulous time there! Only wished you had more beoing opportunities!

Bitchy Witchy said...

Ya, so did I but it was still great for the food and the friends...btw, did you know that Anthony Bourdain covered the fish market in his book! It's teh same one I went to!!!

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