I usually do not make it a habit to whinge about work, but lately that seems to be a little impossible. Why? Because the people I work for are getting a little ridiculous.

Over the course of my sometimes strange career :P, I've come across many a different breed of bosses. There are the good ones, who actually bothers to say or teach you a few good things, the bo-chap ones who left you to your own devices and the bitches. Unfortunately for me, the last one seems to pop up quite a few times lately. In 2003, there was a HUGE bitch and now, it feels almost like deju-vu...without the personal attacks. When I open the dictionary to bitch, I half expect to see their pictures there...

While I usually try to work things out with my bosses and finish my stuff within deadlines, this one is really testing my patience. Yes, you may be the boss but you have to trust your employees to work for you - we have a brain and feelings too. This one's a real bitch because she can never see the bigger picture. It's always now, now, now... and what happens when things go awry? Why, blame everyone but herself of course! Why is this not done, why is that not done - because you are fucking sitting on it! Bitch.

And work delegation is always - can you do this now? or I needed this by yesterday...drop everything and do my stuff now! Or my favourite: Who the fuck wrote this? I mean, WTF? For a head of department and a management level executive, that really schoked me. After all, I am the communications person, of course I wrote the fucking thing! You mean the thing wrote itself? Or maybe I have a secret gnome on staff? Gimme a break!

No one every said life was easy but you'd think that they should put up a warning sign to caution; Warning: Btich in Residence or something... I'm just pissed off at the whole thing. I always accord my bosses with due respect but in this case, the higher-up needs some talking to. Just because we are in Asia doesn't mean that people can be trampled on. Respect goes both ways and needs to be earned. I tend to run off at the mouth at the worst times so she has gotten snapped at by me as well but it seems to be the only way she'll listen.
Work is usually stimulating and exciting for me but this just plain frustrates the crap outta me. Hopefully things will improve with her new team structure. Otherwise, we're fucked.

Ok, enough whinging. It's is a fucked up monday.

I'm going home to hug ET.

On the bright side, I received the 2005 AP Stylebook from one of my overseas colleagues...ooo! Got me all excited... If you're wondering, what's so fucking great about it, well, ask any writer... :o)

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jky said...

I don't know whether it's just my personal experience or such. But I do realize that the mean bosses tend to be women.

As for your boss, I think she's mental. Like I said before, I've always thought it to be highly unprofessional to use the word 'fuck' on a professional capacity. For casual use, sure. But when it comes to dealing with employees, never. You don't use the word, 'fuck' to your boss do you?

I'm ranting. I should move to my blog :P

Bitchy Witchy said...

God no! Vulgarities should be kept for casual use and never on a professional capacity. I'm trying to keep an open mind about these things but the road is hard.

Oh well, when the going gets tough, I go salsa...

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