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The national day period has got to be one of the most, absolutely disgusting displays of patriotism that Singapore has to offer. I mean, once and only once a year we get fellow Singaporeans lining up for days to get NDP tickets and all that crap. The rest of the year, fellow patriots are complaining about everything from the government to heat, the expensive way of lfe and of course, New Water.

But National Day? Why celebrate? And what the heck are we celebrating anyway? Our freedom? Bah! Our history? :P Go pick up a history book. Oh, it's to watch the parade! It's so wonderful to witness it live as compared to watching it on the TV...fuck that. Try telling that to the burnt out school kids who sweltered under the sun only to perform some mind-numbing 30 sec claptrap. Or to the masses of military personnell who try their darndest not to faint in their lovely dress whites while standing for hours on end before the parade even begins. Do you know why people leave the country in droves come Aug 9? I'd say to avoid the sacharrine drivel that pours out of every single NDP performer...the overly sweet show of solidarity is almost enough to rot the teeth in your head. The only sad asses who actually watch the stupid thing are expats who didn't know any better, senior citizens and deluded people who think that the NDP parade is the most wonderful thing since Mardi Gras.

But wait...Can you imagine a year without the parade? Well, that would be absolute heaven!

No sstoopid road closures on Saturdays (what's up with that?), no need to air and hang out the flag, schoolkids will probably rejoice to know that they do not need to sing "We are Singapore" yet again...heck, I'd probably throw a party just to celebrate the day!

And what's up with the endless national songs on the TV and radio? Wake up people, the fanatics have already bought themselves a billion national day songs CDs and are probably singing to them every chance they get. It doesn't matter if the get the Singapore Idol or even Celine Dion to sing the crap - it's hokey propaganda bullshit.

Humph...the only reason to stage this overblown spectacle is probably to show the rest of the world that yes, Singaporeans do love the country and that our military personnell and schoolkids love performing in the heat and th stifling humidity. :P

Honestly, no one gives a fuck. I'm gonna go eat now.

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jky said...

And you know something? We pay for the parade with our tax money ... We should have a say in what we want!

They should just chuck the whole lot of money on fireworks. I know I'll be happy :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yar. You and Jeff (my Jap brother, that is)...fireworks nut, all.

jky said...

Fireworks are the bomb? :)

Crap, you won't be around for National Day huh? *sigh* Fireworks!!!

Bitchy Witchy said...

i'll be back by evening i think, so if anyone wants to come get me at the airport...hehe

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