Heal Me, I'm Heartsick

Heal me. I’m heartsick. I’m hungry and I'm broken.
I'm haunted, and weeping the blood of heaven flowing
like a river tonight. Tears I can't fight on my own.
I'm a haunted heathen. I’m hung and barely breathing.
The drowning ocean. Snuff the sun in motion.
There’s a pill on my tongue.

A shot from a gun, the bottle's bottom,
I'm lonely as a star
Heal me. I’m heartsick.
Hungry thought I could survive on you.
Hear my heartsick hungry cry.
I'm heartsick.

(Thanks to the guys from No Vacancy and Adam Pascal, whose voice I love)

At this moment and for the past 2 weeks, this is exactly how I feel...not exactly sure why, but lately I've been moody, distracted and slightly depressed. Is it work? Friends? Family? Anything else?

Truthfully, I don't know. What's worse is that people are starting to notice...crap.

All I know is that I haven't been feeling my absolute best for a while now and it kind of worries me. What I probably need is to rest completely and shut myself away from people. To rest and then perhaps things will start to look a little better and less bleak. All I feel now is just...sigh. Fuck, I'm Marvin the Paranoid Andriod.

Mopey, I am so mopey...even a tray full of snowcones and the boyfriend will not cheer me up. For now.

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jky said...

Girl needs vacation.

Bitchy Witchy said...

Girl may get one sooner than she thinks...

jky said...

Girl needs to start exchanging Japanese yen....

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