The Long & Achy Weekend

You know that you are no longer a spring chicken when only one week of added routines makes you as achy and creaky as an old spring.

And what's the sudden facination with prancing around like a loon anyway? Well, since I'm so not into the 'let's go to the gym' thing, I might as well do something that I enjoy. Hence, dancing it is. There's salsa, turns technique and now jazz. So, after doing all of them last week plus wakeboarding, I can safely say that I am all-excercised out. On Sat, the girls & I went riding and while we improved by a bunch, there was also much hilarity.

I think our facination with our current crop of pansies are getting a little out of hand. Why? Because after weeks and weeks of going to Punggol with Jean, we actually got lost - while mocking her pansy. Yeap, the guy is cool and all but then, we got all excited and fuck, missed our turning. Sucks to be us man. It was all, we're lost, we're lost! If only Sawyer was here....mmmmm...oh, wait, there's ulu-ness...should I turn into there? Fuck Singapore roads! So call for help we did. Rescued by my pansy we were.

My pansy has a strange facination with's a little weird cos Jean & I are constantly beo-ing but when a guy goes "oh, he's so hot!" like you - it's kinda weird. The only people who does that are my "brothers". Let's hope that this is a passing fancy cos the next thing you know, there'll be confessions and I would have busted another gut laughing.

We didn't get to see Li's pansy this week. Sad-Li enough. I pulled a muscle while riding and had to limp around for a while on Sat so no salsa for us. But I'm sure that him & the dusbin are getting along just fine ;). On the hilarity level, Li's pansy would win hands down cos, we get the most laughs from the poor guy. He's almost like the male version of Dong - only sillier.

This week, it's another all - or rather, mostly dancing week yet again. Gotta try this to see if it really works. Hoepfully, the old muslces will somehow heal faster.

And people, if you are reading this blog - I don't want an inflatable crocky. A stuffed one will do ;p

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jky said...

Who would have known Singapore had such ulu places? Who would have thought we could have gotten lost into such backroads!? Who knew we even had backroads!? Thank the Lord for your pansy. If not, we'd probably at that refinery looking for Sawyer!

Hope your leg feels better!

Bitchy Witchy said...

I am a walking Pandora's box...

Alicia said and I quote "I'd give you a stuffed pansy any time provided i have enough time to stuff one up for you!"

Thanks Jean! My leg's lots better thinking of jazz tonight - yet again. I am a sucker for pain.

Oh and I'd look for the Sawyer anytime ;P

jky said...


And as I said earlier during coffee and cigarettes (that's a movie isn't it?), it's now my primary goal to find you a stuffed pansy ...

Give you a rubber one to blow don't want lah! Mwahahahahahah!!!!

Belle said...

At the rate and the way things are going for you *tsk tsk*, trust me you'd want an inflatable not a stuffed crocky...

Bitchy Witchy said...

cute & cuddly, cute & cuddly! If I can't get the real thing, i'd settle for cute and cuddly...for now

jky said...

Danger! Danger! Danger!

We're going into danger zone here, hehehehe...

I shall go visit the toy stores tomorrow before I meet you :)

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