Breaking up is hard to do...

It is never easy to break up with someone and this morning, it felt like my head office just broke up with me. Sigh. :o(

Yeap, this is about that job opening that I applied for in the head office sometime back. And while I was optimistically hoping that the offer would come through, deep down I was aware that it may not. Why? Because (1) they took too long to get back to me (2) it is expensive to relocate someone of my position (3) My boss actually hinted that I should wait for a better one to come up before applying. The interviewer was really, really nice though and the letdown was relatively less painful than it would have been, had I not been prepared. I've been working with the interviewer for over a year and our working relationship has always been great but still, the letdown was a little hard to take.

Well, there was the niceties and while she did expound a fair bit on my overall talents, she did give some good constructive feedback on areas that I can improve on. Personally, I'm all for constructive feedback. It's a great way to see how people percieve you and it humbles you - hey, if it was up to me, I'd think I was the greatest thing since bread came sliced but then again, I'm too realistic for that.

Oh well, I'll get over this soon. On the bright side, things in my office are getting quite interesting. I've always enjoyed my work and I feel that the opportunities here are pretty great. Where the opportunity in the US offered a chance to work in a different environment and to work in a more niche position, my current position allows me to explore new territories and run things to the best of my abilities with the backing of my boss. Yes, she may be evil at times but, then again, so am I. Mwahahahah...

I'm not saying that things are a bed of roses here - nothing ever is - but I'll take this job and run with it for now. Hey, it challenges me and allows me to grow in ways that the real estate one never had. So, I'm optimistic.

The wanderlust is still there though, so even though I may not get to travel as much for work, I will still travel like crazy for leisure. :o)

I'll make it, just give me some time.

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jky said...

I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out :(

But think about what Renee said! I'm sure that something much better is just around the corner. And for all you know, it could be the home country!

Kole said...

kind of sucks, but at least you can keep a positive outlook. The last time (before I became self employed because only I know how supremely wonderful I am) I got passed over I put in my two weeks and went on my merry sulking way (In fact, it was the job I met you on way back on IRC, say circa 1996ish?)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yeah, I remember that. Gosh has it almost been 10 years?

Thanks guys, I will keep a positive outlook...will sulk for today only :o)

Jean - it's uncanny how close to the truth Renee is...

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