Helllooo Mr Gaiman!

It's been a little crazy here lately...ok, it's always been crazy wherever Jean & I go but then again...heh.

Yesterday, as far as I'm concerned was one of those blue ribbon days :o) Why? Cos we met a long-time hero of ours ...Neil Gaiman. I mean, this is the guy who wrote the cult Sandman series and one of my favourite, favourite books; Neverwhere. So, us being us, the Married Man, Jean & I skipped work to do what all fanboys do - stand in a queue in Kino for hours on end to catch a glimpse of the man, take photos, have him autograph our stuff and try not to scare the crap outta the guy.

Color me surprised but the number of people who showed! And then, and then, there were the freaky ones somemore who showed up in - gasp...in character. Ok, so I may be crazy over the guy and I frankly think that he's one of the most original writers around but it's damned funny when people show up dressed as Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. There was a kid dressed as Desire - and the only thing I could think of when I saw her was, if that is Desire, I'd rather be celibate...no hellooos for you.

The freaks were everywhere, I tell you, everywhere! There's even one who looked like Yoda...what, the bugger showed up at the wrong signing? Mwahahahaha...lost, he was.

The Singapore fans are a luckier bunch as we each could get 3 books signed, so I got Neverwhere (of course), Coraline and The Wolves in the Walls while Jean got a birthday dedication signed for Camille, Mirrormask and hmmmm...all the excitement has drained my memory...

So anyways, today is Day 2 of the great Gaiman stalk and we're heading off to Borders in a couple of hours to, well, obviously not stand in queue yet again but to beo (yes, sometimes geek boys are cute), to get more photos and hear him read.

Ah, life is good...and yes, I'll mind the gap!

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jky said...

*squeal* We met Neil Gaiman! We met Neil Gaiman!!!

I also had Sandman: Endless Nights signed :) It was the one he drew a caricature of himself of. *sigh* It was a great experience wasn't it!?

And again, I stress ... I'm done with Geek Boys. I need a Ryan and not a Seth.

jky said...

Check these links out btw:

Geek Chic - The New Wave of Cool

Geek to Geek - The Best Place on the Net to meet Geeks!

And sadly ... despite my attempts to avoid Geek (chic) Boys, I'm listening to Death Cab for Cutie as I'm typing this ...

Bitchy Witchy said...

This is gonna sound a little weird but I'm all for geek boys. I mean, who else will get the wacky things that we do?

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