The great Ramee Rose adventure!

The what?! The Ramee Rose…Apparently, when I first told my bosses that I was going to move into a building with “Rose” in its name, they thought that I was going to move into a dodgy establishment called the Ramee Rose – home to one of Tecom’s dodgiest bars, happy ending massages and all round hive. Cue suspicious looks and a few rounds of “are you really sure it’s a good place?” *what’s wrong with these people?” I thought.

The infamous Ramee Rose
Well, I am glad to report that I have got gone totally mad in the time that I have been here. In fact, this weekend, I would be moving into my new apartment. The non-dodgy Rose and it is fiinnneeee J Granted, all I have is a bed, a rack and 2 little standing shelves for now, but I can’t complain. Things are slowly getting on track.
The new digs
To be honest, I am a little shell-shocked that it’s only been a slightly over month since I’ve been here. It feels like FOREVER! It took me one weekend to find the place I wanted, three more weeks to get the paperwork, my residence Visa and all sorts of nonsense sorted out. At the same time, I am working 12 – 14 hour days, got evicted from my hotel (thank you, freaking HR!) It was a weekend of massive drama and total frustration – it’s worse when there is absolutely no one to turn too. Apparently, if I was to continue staying in the hotel, it was to be at my own expense. WTH?! That is unheard of! Even when I was a Tenancy Manager back in the day, companies always booked their expats into serviced apartments for at least a month or two upon their arrival. I was subsequently rescued by my boss and managed to somehow buy some basic furniture, get my electricity up and running. The only thing I can’t do yet is, get cable/broadband and open a bank account. Why? Cos I still don’t have my Emirates ID.  ARGH!

You never realize how frustrating these little things are, until you move to a totally new country and have to fix up these little things on your own. Previously, it’s always easy to let your parents take care of these niggly bits. One good thing is that I’ve been doing a lot of things on my own for really long time and so, these things are just another thing to be taken care of.

Throughout all this madness, I have been really lucky to have a great boss who not only dives into the work with both feet – we work really crazy hours for now, especially with a series of back to back events. She really helped me out when things got tough – she didn’t need to but I am ever grateful that she did. Unlike freaking HR and its senseless policies; if it was up to them, I’d be camping in the office or actually IN the dodgy hotel.
The boss is also responsible for introducing me to the ‘inner circle’ – also known as the people who help keep me liquored up and sane. Weird, but true… apart from the people who are simply your colleagues, you definitely need a support system of sorts. Or in my case, a system that gets you drunk twice in the time that I’ve been here. But, who’s complaining? ;)

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whitecat said...

congrats with your nice place! looking good and a trip or two to IKEA should fix you up with some furniture :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Thanks, B! The next few months will be about fixing up the space with stuff from all over the place :)

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