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One day, I am going to make it to an international West Coast Swing event. Seeing the pros in action even online at the US Open is inspiring enough for me to want to venture out to explore this dance form even further :) Two of the dance that completely blew me away this year were:

Who can forget Benji Schwimmer? That boy is amazing to watch and he brings so much energy to his performances. And his partner Torri Smith? Phenomenal.

And then of course, there is Jordan and Tat, who came to Singapore this year to help us local dancers up our West Coast Swing game. I totally agree with a friend of mine who says that they need better costumes LOL but still. The simplicity of the moves and their musicality is breath-taking.

If you'd like to learn West Coast Swing, check out Mosaic Dance. Annddd, if you've already picked up this dance and want to learn from the pros, Swingvitation 2013 is the event for you. To be held from 25 to 28 April 2013, this is your chance to brush up your WCS skills from FIVE champion dancers :) Check them out today.

Me? I feel that my dancing has improved but there's still some ways to go to. Hopefully, I get to do another Jack & Jill next year too. Those things can be nerve wracking but too fun :)

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