Where to now, good Captain?

In the blink of an eye, it's already March.
Work is picking up steadily, we have six weeks or so to prepare for the India salsa festival, West Coast Swing is finally working for me and I am feeling a little happier about where I am personally. It's been a somewhat tricky time at home but the good news is, that things are moving in a more positive direction now.
On the personal front, it's nice to spend my birthday and for once, Valentine's with a really cool person. What I don't appreciate are people asking me a barrage of questions about where all this is heading in the attempt to suss me out. Just why on earth would you ask someone you barely know about their personal life?
Bloody hell. I know that we are all obsessed with finding The One, but please refrain from getting all excited on my behalf. I actually like the way things are now, so if you see me out, just smile and say hi, don't get too excited. Don't make me kill you for no good reason.
Moving right along...
When it comes to relationships, I learned that girls and guys have very much the same reactions and feelings to certain things. It's funny but somewhat true. I've been having a few conversations on the topic with a close circle of friends and it's pretty interesting and sometimes too bloody amusing to say the least. 

  • Men get nervous about the woman's reactions. Why the hell do they always think we will go mad about everything. Really, if you avoid the PMS period, all is good.
  • Women get nervous when men don't react. Men, wake up, if she asks you a question, she definitely wants to know what you think. And if she goes crazy, its probably because you didn't respond.
  • Sex may kill or boost a relationship. We are not on TV, we don't have to jump straight into sex.
  • We all over analyze. To the point of driving ourselves and our friends nuts.
  • We all have no clue what the other party is thinking....and no, age has nothing to do with gaining telepathic powers. The only ones with that power are our mums.
  • Communication is about talking about things...anything! Not just about saying 'I miss you' at odd times of the day. 
  • Talking about your ideal relationship or where you want things to be doesn't mean that you have to have all this right now. Take a chill pill and enjoy the ride!
  • Asking questions and opening up is scary! Remember, it's about discovery, not about being part of the Spanish Inquisition.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe I should do a series of posts on this...what do you think?

It's nice to be back though :)


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