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People. They drive me bonkers.

Confounding, complex and oftimes just a pain in the arse. This year is filled with so many different people, characters and personalities that I feel like I am in a comic book or in Les Mis. This is the year I learned how complicated people can make my life, how even the smallest thing can trigger the biggest changes and how sometimes, those who you regard as your closest allies can cling to their own beliefs with such ardor that they are blind to anything else.

This post is dedicated to the people who made my ride all the more colorful. You made me swear incessantly at you (some in person, some in other forms) or with you. Thanks to you, I laugh more, found a new job with great support from a strong team, refined my hobbies, lowered tolerance for idiots and become less passive-aggressive.  You encouraged me step out of my comfort zone to meet new people and do things that I probably wouldn't even consider because I am such a lazy arse.

To the lost friends, too bloody bad. Yes, God may have brought you back to my life for whatever reason. One of it is probably for me to personally tell you fuck off. It's cold, but what can I say? While I like reconnecting with lost friends, I also believe that some should just remain lost. Not every connection is for the better. Especially if it reminds you of a particularly horrible time in your life. Just bloody move on.

If you are wondering how the fricking hell I managed to work around all these people, don't. Staying in touch is not rocket science. It's about reaching out and strengthening ties to the people who are already there. So friends are outside of your work environment, it doesn't mean that they should be neglected or accorded less respect just because you have a high-and-mighty job. If you don't take the time to meet up, chat or even do something...anything together, then what's the point of remaining friends? Who will want to make time for someone who doesn't bother? It's not only about's also about the other party who has taken the time to reconnect. Uh huh, it is just like a relationship, people, except you don't have to sleep with your friend (unless you want to...but that is a whole different story).

It takes effort on all sides to do this but believe me, the pay-offs are pretty great :o) The proof is in the pictures.

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