It ain't always about you

Time waits for no man.

Such a simple concept but it is one that many and even I struggle to cope with. We are all guilty of it. At some point of time, we procrastinate, get lazy, circumstance work against us, other people are being matter how much we whinge, the bottom-line is, we have to work through all this crap to get ahead.

Of course you can waste as much time as you want on a personal basis. But when you mess with others's schedules, I have no patience for you.

Because of the nature of my job and my personality, I am not one to sit around and waste time. Planning so that things run generally smoothly and everyone is pretty happy is a big thing for me. Control freak? Not really, I will gladly relinquish that position to someone who will do it for me BUT if I am on the job, it falls to me to ensure that everyone runs on a general schedule so that they and I can get back to our normal  routines.

I am not a patient person, nor am I tolerant of flakiness and idiocy. These things drive me bonkers. What I cannot understand is, how hard is it for one person to be on top of their own schedule? If I can plan interview schedules for over 40 people for a regional event, I don't see how planning for a group of nine should be any tougher. It's ridiculous. All I need from everyone involved is to be aware of their own schedule, be considerate of others' and agree, disagree or provide constructive feedback. I will handle the details.

Here's the deal. The task is to schedule a shoot, a photographer, nine people in different jobs, think of locations, outfits and a date and time before December 1. We only have two weekends to do this as we have members who are working shifts and will be going on holiday. It's not hard...but a little consideration for everyone involved goes a long way. The group helped in providing location ideas, the photographer details and ideas on outfits, which I really appreciate.

What I did not appreciate is, having one person screw with the entire thing. Twice. Because they don't have a handle on their own schedule, I have to scramble to re-arrange dates and schedules with everyone, cancel on the original photographer, call in contacts who can make the shoot happen within a reasonable budget and talk to people to get all the details in place. It is a lot of details to handle but things got done. My aim for this is simple: get the shoot done on time, within budget and with the entire team.

It bothers me that they didn't stop to think that because of their actions, others have to re-arrange their schedules too. All the team got was a simple 'sorry, I can't do weekends'. No explanations, no remorse. We are expected to commiserate. WTF? Are we supposed to be sitting around waiting for you? Who the hell do you think you are?

I can be as inconsiderate and selfish by simply passing of the project to the next hapless person but that is not done. If this was my own project, I'd have told the fuckwit to piss-off a long time ago. But it's not. At the same time, I am no pushover and I will somehow have to manage the situation and person too.

Patience and calmness. *ohmmmmm*

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